You have been wondering for so long what it means to enjoy cheese, but didn`t know where to begin? Everything will change from now on. We will be your sommelier-guides in a huge world of cheese, and together we will find Your Cheese. The one and only when the mention of its name will make you smile with please.

So, you`ve tried some cheeses, but did not understand why there is no joy? Everything will change from now on. We offer more than 300 varieties of manually produced cheese. We have the largest selection of Frenchcheese in Spain. And, what is most important - the largest selection of fresh cheeses, those that here in Spain we know so little about.

You buy cheese made of pasteurized milk in a supermarket and you think you know it's taste? Everything will change from now on. Most of our cheeses are made from raw milk by hereditary French farmers according to ancient recipes. This allows to keep not only all the nutrients, but also the taste of grass, flowers, spring water, the taste of sun and sky.


  • Many generations of our cheese makers have been working to make you fall in love with cheeseas it is - natural, fragrant, living.
  • We are proud that some suppliers work exclusively for us.
  • Do you think that eating cheese from raw milk is more dangerous than pasteurized cheese? Everything will change from now on .
  • We have some convincing facts that this is not so.
  • We personally check the sanitary standards and the production conditions on the farms of our suppliers, and therefore we guarantee the highest standart of quality for our cheeses.
  • Ecology of the maintenance of animals and the quality of their food is our major priority.
  • You have been to many cheese shops and do not expect anything new? Everything will change from now on. In our pilot store you will come across something unusual - the world's largest cheese bell, our
  • Cloche. It was developed by Monsieur René Tourette - the greatest cheese master and our good partner.
  • Experts recognize that a cheese bell is the best way o store fresh cheeses.
  • Its unique geometry allows the optimal and even maintainance of the necessary levels of temperature and humidity.
  • Our Cloche is officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world`s biggest.

Come and see it with your own eyes.


Come visit us, and be our friend and partner in our delicious mission - to admire cheese and constantly discover its new faces. We worship cheese, we already love you and our doors are always open for guests and for experiments.